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Personal Introduction:

Extreme Constitutionalist
Extreme Anti-Tyranny Activist
Retired Military GovWatching Patriot

Remember: in any debate (argument), he who first uses name calling, loses. His arguments have run out.

Are you an anti-war activist? Please explain to ISIS, Al-Queda and other RADICAL MUSLIMS that you don't want them to attack us any more.

Thank you.

We were attacked several times. And they are attempting to attack again. But, you say you don't support the war? Then what do you want to do? Bow?

  • If gun control laws can't stop criminals from getting weapons, then no law should stop law abiding citizens from getting weapons!

  • "Work for more government intervention and control of the business activities of the people. In this way the American people will accept Communism without knowing it." - Joseph Stalin.

  • If you get any kind of Government check, you should have to pass a urine test, because the folks who made that check possible had to pass a urine check.

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    Economy and Budget

    U. S. Attackers

    Illegal Aliens

    Second Amendment

    Socialism Explained

    What's a TEA Party?

    New World Order

    Social Security


    Conservative V Progressive

    I hold the U. S. Constitution as my source. It is an awesome document. And I discriminate against illegal aliens! Strongly. I am strongly biased toward the Declaration of Independence and The U. S. Constitution. Without them, without the rule of law, we fall to anarchy and tyranny.

    Many folks with thoughts similar to mine were exchanging emails about the ridiculous happenings in our government leadership. Our government leaders are arrogantly disregarding the U. S. Constitution. This web site is dedicated to awareness of that fact.

    I'm always looking for inputs for this web site. I thought about running it as an open blog; but I'm not that strong in web site editing and management. I write this web site using BBEdit, directly in HTML; no fancy software.

    I have used material from many sources, much of it comes to me by way of emails from like-minded individuals. If you are the originator, I want to hear from you. Email me at I want to give you credit and/or correct any errors in the material. So, please do contact me. This is not a commercial web site, I make NO PROFIT from it. It is purely cost to me. So I am NOT using your material for gain or profit. I hope that use of this material profits our great nation.

    Oh, and I don't like the United Nations.

  • According to the U. S. Constitution, government exists for two main purposes: (1) to provide its citizens with the freedom to live their lives as they so choose, and (2) to protect us from those, both foreign and domestic, who would try to take away that freedom. Once government steps outside of those two purposes, it is itself taking away that freedom. The definition of freedom is the absence of coercion or constraint in choice or action.
  • Reality: we have to defend ourselves and our nation. But there is a choice, here or there? Which do you choose?

  • If Major Hasan (Ft Hood terrorist) uses the "insanity defense", then all followers of radical Islam are insane!

    Folks, he is NOT a criminal, he did NOT commit a war crime, he is NOT insane. He IS an opposing military combatant, and should be treated that way; just like we treat opposing military combatants on the battlefield.
    The doctors say he is paralized from the chest down. He should be dead from the hair down.

  • I am seriously prejudiced. I do not like political apathy, and I have zero tolerance for baloney. If you don't know what's happening with your government, you are asking for tyranny! Our current government is ignoring the U. S. Constitution. We must change that now!

  • This country was founded by individuals fleeing tyranny. Their plan was clearly defined by the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution, and it has served well. Our citizens have enjoyed a very robust lifestyle, freedoms found nowhere else, incentives, and opportunity to find the "good life". Now this new government is taking away your freedoms, taking away your incentives, and taking away your opportunities to excel and produce, and subverting your liberty and ability to defend yourself. It must be stopped!

  • "We call things racism just to get attention. We reduce complicated problems to racism, not because it is racism, but because it works". - Alfredo Gutierrez, political consultant, as quoted by Richard De Uriarte, The Phoenix Gazette, 14 March 1992.

  • If something on this web site offends you, then I'm offended that you're offended; so we're even; and Falcon Code 108 applies. I may be the most policially INcorrect person you'll ever meet. And I hereby designate and authorize all those jihadist training camps inside the U. S. as test areas for MOAB. [in case you don't remember, Mother of All Bombs.]
  • Constitution -------------- LINKS ------------- News Sources

    I am not a Democrat.
    I am not a Republican.

    I AM a dedicated,
    card carrying member of the
    Constitution Party!

    I want to "conserve" our
    constitutionally defined way of life.

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  • Does the Lamestream Media abhore the U. S. Constitution? Looks that way!
  • FOOTNOTE: If you take my money, my property or other thing of value without my permission it is called theft or fraud. Well it appears that we have a case where 537 suspects and others have committed a case of fraud on 360,000,000 victims and therefore should be charged accordingly.

  • NEW WORLD ORDER, It's coming. learn more and be prepared.
  • In 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created with the duty of preserving the dollar, one 20-dollar bill could buy one 20-dollar gold piece. Fifty 20-dollar bills are needed today to buy one 20-dollar gold piece. Under the Fed's custody, the U.S. dollar has lost 98 percent of its value.

    The dollar is the storehouse of our wealth. Has the Fed faithfully safeguarded that storehouse? Thomas Jefferson who taught us, "In questions of power let us hear no more of trust in men, but bind them down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution".

  • "Unions are meant for one thing and one thing only: to "get" for its members. They have one purpose and that is to take as much from an employer as they can take, to get as much money and benefits as they can get away with." By Warner Todd Huston, Wednesday, May 26, 2010:
  • This web page was started 8 October 2009. I do it on a Mac, because I don't have the patience to deal with Windows.